Viet Nam NPAP Launches National Leadership Board

Press Release   March 29, 2022

Hanoi, 28 March 2022– The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) in collaboration with the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the World Wide Fund for Nature in Viet Nam (WWF-Viet Nam) held the Inaugural meeting for the Leadership Board to implement the National Plastic Action Partnership in Viet Nam (NPAP). The Leadership Board consists of 35 members who are senior leaders of ministries, international development organizations, leading businesses, alliances, and associations, who will now jointly coordinate the strategic direction of the NPAP to tackle plastic pollution in Viet Nam.

Annually, Viet Nam generates about 23.6 million tons of municipal solid waste, of which plastic waste accounted for 10% (The National State of Environment Report, 2019, MONRE). It is estimated that about 182,000 tons of plastic waste is entering waterways and the sea each year. The volume of waste lost more than double by 2030 (According to WEF analysis, 2020) unless plastic waste management policies are more effectively enforced and systematic actions are taken to thoroughly handle the issue of plastic pollution.

The inauguration of the Leadership Board was chaired by Mr. Vo Tuan Nhan – Vice Minister of MONRE – Chair of Leadership Board and Ms. Kristin Hughes – Director, Global Plastic Action Partnership, WEF – Vice Chair of Leadership Board. At the ceremony, members of the NPAP Leadership Board discussed and approved the organizational and operational regulations of the NPAP Leadership Board and the implementation plan of the NPAP, focusing on priority tasks including national programme coordination and Viet Nam’s high-level strategy support; research and propose orientation, technological application and solutions, model deployment, plastic waste management activities and production of environmentally friendly products; and organize the activities, communication and education campaigns to raise awareness about plastic waste management for organizations and individuals.

Following the Viet Nam NPAP launch in 2020, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha has since signed Decision No. 2268/QD-BTNMT on the establishment of the NPAP Leadership Board on November 19, 2021. The Leadership Board is responsible for consulting the Minister of MONRE on policies; taking the lead in the implementation of the NPAP to facilitate the development of a circular economy; accelerating the cooperation, mobilizing the resources from national and international organizations and individuals to implement plans and programmes, aiming to reduce plastic pollution. After more than a year of implementation, the NPAP has accomplished remarkable achievements, including the promotion of Viet Nam’s initiatives on combating plastic pollution to the international community at the World Summit on Sustainable Development; efforts to finalize the National Action Roadmap on Plastic-Loss Reduction in Viet Nam as well as research on gender equality and social inclusion in plastic waste management, support consultation with the government to finalize current policies on accelerating plastic waste governance, assist the Viet Nam government to build a plastic analysis platform and a national data system on marine plastic waste.

The establishment of the NPAP Leadership Board is a critical strategic decision, contributing to effective policy enforcement and strengthening the measures for plastic waste management and circular economy development in Viet Nam. For the first time ever, a national public-private partnership on plastic waste management has been institutionalized and effectively operated, with the participation and governance of senior managers from the state, non-governmental, development, and business sectors. It reflects strong evidence of the determination of the Viet Nam government in accelerating public-private partnership to fulfill its commitment to become the leading country of Southeast Asia in plastic waste management and against marine plastic waste pollution. This is demonstrated by implementing the National Action Plan for Management of Marine Plastic Litter by 2030, ensuring effective implementation of the Action Plan on strengthening plastic waste management issued on December 13, 2021 under Decision No. 2436 /QD-BTNM as well as policies on the reduction, reuse, recycling and treatment of plastic waste that are included in the revised Law on Environmental Protection 2020.

The Inaugural meeting for the Leadership Board was co-organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the World Economic Forum, the World Wide Fund for Nature in Viet Nam, and the Viet Nam National Plastics Action Partnership (NPAP).


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Viet Nam National Plastic Action Partnership (NPAP) is a partnership between the Government of Viet Nam with the representative of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and the Global Plastics Action Partnership, as a platform for multi-stakeholders of the World Economic Forum aims to fulfill its commitments to reduce plastic pollution and build a circular economy.

The NPAP is a platform that enables all stakeholders to meet, interact, discuss and collaborate to:

  1. identify potential areas of cooperation related to plastic waste management in Viet Nam;
  2. scale up and maximize the impact of existing initiatives to tackle plastic pollution in Viet Nam, thereby developing new collective initiatives and solutions as needed;
  3. determine strategic investment needs and potential funding sources to call for effective investment in the above measures.

The NPAP accelerates action and impact measurement through the NPAP Leadership Board to be established by the MONRE and Technical Taskforce in the fields of Behavior Change, Finance, Policy, Innovation, Indicators, Gender Equality and Community Inclusion – to inform the common agenda and help accelerate the progress of plastic action initiatives in Viet Nam, towards the national goals of sustainable development.


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