Gemini Corporation N.V. joins World Economic Forum’s Global Plastic Action Partnership in an effort to accelerate the circular economy transition

Press Release   May 25, 2020

For Immediate Release

25 May 2020


ANTWERP – Gemini Corporation N.V., one of the world’s leading sourcing and supply organizations for recyclables, reusables and raw materials, has officially joined the Global Plastic Action Partnership (GPAP), a public-platform hosted at the World Economic Forum for translating plastic pollution action commitments into concrete action.

A leader in the global recycling industry, Gemini is responsible for recycling around 2 million tonnes of materials annually, including 300,000 tonnes of recyclable plastics – making it one of the world’s largest circular economy market makers. Apart from plastics, they give a second life to over 50 million tyres, 300,000 cars, 1 billion PET Bottles and 1.5 million refrigerators. Their subsidiary, Gemcorp Recycling Technologies Limited in India, has been actively working to uplift the life of several reclaimers (name given by Gemini to give respect to the waste pickers) by providing them infrastructure, identification, safety, sanitation and working capital to propel the collection of plastic waste and increase the recycling rate in India.

GPAP works at the global and national levels to accelerate plastic action through three priority areas: convening diverse stakeholder communities; generating knowledge, insights, and roadmaps for taking action; and catalyzing high-potential plastics solutions by connecting them with financing opportunities. It has partnered with the governments of Indonesia, Ghana and Vietnam to create national-level action platforms and expects to scale up its activities in the near future.

Gemini is the newest member of GPAP’s Platform Members community, alongside Suntory Group, Morgan Stanley, and SAP. As a Platform Member, it will work closely with GPAP by providing expert input on plastics initiatives, exchanging best practices and practical knowledge, and providing resources to accelerate impact in GPAP’s national platforms. Gemini’s participation in GPAP is underpinned by its commitment to reducing plastic pollution and plastic waste, and to championing the circular economy for plastics both within its organization and in its external collaborations.

“The issue of plastics waste is much more serious than we are being led to believe,” said Mr. Surendra Patawari, Chairman of Gemini Corporation N.V., Belgium. “At Gemini, plastic recycling is our passion. Through association with GPAP, we hope to promote plastics recycling by providing innovative, yet practical solutions based on ground realities. Through our business model we hope to showcase a fine example of a great partnership between Plastics, People, Planet and eventually Profits.”

“I am delighted to welcome the Gemini Corporation as the newest Platform Member to join our GPAP community,” said Kristin Hughes, GPAP Director and Member of the Executive Committee at the World Economic Forum. “We will look to Gemini for valuable insight from an industry perspective on how to accelerate action in areas such as innovation, capacity-building, and cross-sector collaboration. There is no doubt that Gemini’s expertise and support in these priority areas – as well as its leadership in delivering social good to communities in need, particularly in these turbulent times – will help us achieve significant progress in the journey to eradicate plastic pollution and to create a more sustainable and prosperous world for us all.”



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