Request for Proposal: Trade and the Circular Economy – A Deep Dive into Plastics Action in South Africa

Request For Proposals

This request for proposal (RFP) is an invitation to submit proposals deliver a white paper exploring South Africa’s plastics value chain, and the corresponding challenges and opportunities for trade to serve as a lever for the circular economy.



GPAP seeks to commence this work no later than 1 February, with a preliminary outline and initial findings delivered by 1 March. A complete, first draft is expected by 15 April, which will be followed by a comprehensive expert review by actors in the trade and plastics action communities at the World Economic Forum. The final draft will be due no later than 15 June.


Three workshops are also anticipated: 1) initial consultation prior to undertaking research, 2) stakeholder consultation / expert review in e.g., May, and 3) a presentation of findings post-publication. The workshops fall outside of the remit of the white paper scope and will be coordinated concurrently.



For further information or to express interest in leading the development of this white paper please contact Taylor Clayton and include: a) CV, b) relevant writing sample(s) and c) daily rate in USD no later than 15 January 2021.