Twelve ground-breaking innovators tackling informal plastic collection in Indonesia


Indonesia's waste management issue has reached an alarming scale. Around 6.8 million tonnes of plastic waste are generated per year, a figure that is growing by 5% annually. Most of the plastic waste remains uncollected and seeps into the ocean, leading to increasingly polluted Indonesian waters.

The informal sector plays a key role in preventing plastic pollution in Indonesia but has largely gone unrecognized and is often subject to low pay and unsafe working conditions. To avert this scenario and boost the waste collection capacity of the informal sector, the Indonesia National Plastic Action Partnership (NPAP) and the Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) launched the Informal Plastic Collection Innovation Challenge on Uplink. The challenge called on innovative approaches around three focus areas: better supply chain, better knowledge and better visibility.

Innovators from around the world submitted their impressive solutions to the complex plastic waste problem in Indonesia. Subsequently, experts involved in the waste management sector in Indonesia selected twelve innovators that will receive support through a three-month accelerator programme!







The cohort will have the opportunity to connect and build partnerships with key waste management stakeholders in Indonesia, improve the quality of their solutions, prepare for expansion into or in the Indonesian market, as well as the chance to win US$5,000 grants!


We strongly believe that solving Indonesia’s plastic waste management issues is not a short-term effort. This is why we are strongly committed to providing support to innovators and their local partners not only during, but also after the Informal Plastic Collection Innovation Challenge. We are here for as long as it takes to find and support the right solutions.

Klaus Oberbauer, Program Manager, OPPA.


OPPA is a social innovation ecosystem builder with the aim to address ocean plastic leakage in Indonesia. OPPA and the Informal Plastic Collection Innovation Challenge are supported by  The Incubation Network - a regional initiative powered by SecondMuse, The Circulate Initiative (TCI), with support from Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW), and Global Affairs Canada (GAC).


Surfacing innovation through UpLink

Boosting innovation remains a fundamental impact area for GPAP and is critical to the advancement of inclusive solutions to the plastic pollution crisis. Close collaboration between OPPA and GPAP via Uplink, a global platform connecting entrepreneurs and champions of the Sustainable Development Goals, has been essential for surfacing high potential solutions for the informal plastic collection challenge in Indonesia.

Do you have an innovative solution to combat plastic pollution?

GPAP has partnered with UpLink to create the Global Plastic Innovation Network, a space to crowdsource diverse innovation and empower a community of high-potential innovators with solutions that are critical to stem the tide of plastic pollution.

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