GPAP at WTO’s Environment Week, Indonesia financing roadmap to launch in November, and more

October 2020
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  • Spotlight on GPAP and the UK at World Trade Organisation’s Environment Week: We’re delighted to partner with the Government of the United Kingdom for a virtual panel discussion on GPAP’s accomplishments and lessons learned, which will be headlined by a keynote address from Lord Zac Goldsmith, Minister for Pacific and the Environment. Mark your calendar for 14:45 – 16:15 CET on Wednesday 18 November; a Zoom link is forthcoming.
  • Help us beta test GPAP’s new online knowledge portal! We have just activated the “Plastics Knowledge Hub”, a new online library that contains over 500 resources on combatting plastic pollution and waste. Please visit to try out this new feature.
  • Join us on 24 November for a roundtable on circular economy in Ghana: At the World Circular Economy Forum (online), the Ghana NPAP will assemble a panel of public, private and civil society stakeholders to spotlight the NPAP’s progress to date and discuss how Ghana can position itself as the circular economy leader in West Africa. Contact to register for the session, which will begin at 14:00 CET on Tuesday 24 November.
  • Date to be announced soon for Viet Nam NPAP launch: GPAP stands with our local NPAP members and the Vietnamese people in their battle against an array of intensive tropical storms and the worst flooding in decades. We are continuing to engage in strategic conversations with the Government of Viet Nam to explore the right approach for the NPAP launch event amidst the pandemic and the emergency response and relief effort.

Latest Insights

Help us beta-test GPAP’s new online portal, a library of 500+ resources and expert guides from our community

Over the past year, we have working steadily to build up the Plastics Knowledge Hub – an online library that not only curates the best and most practical technical knowledge from our diverse global community, but also utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to make these resources easily searchable.

Before we publicize this feature, we’d love to get our community’s feedback or suggestions for improving this tool. Please visit our website and click on the 'Ask GPAP' button to play around with this feature. Then click on the envelope icon in the top right corner to send us your feedback.

GPAP joins SoulBuffalo’s LinkedIn Live series to talk plastic action

“I look back and I think in 2019, yes, I had an address in Switzerland. That's where my post was being delivered. But as far as my passport was concerned, I was most definitely spending more time in Indonesia and Ghana.”

GPAP Director Kristin Hughes recently joined Dave Ford, Founder of SoulBuffalo, for a live chat on the importance of multistakeholder partnerships, visions for success in partner countries, and what next steps look like. Watch the recorded conversation here.

Op-ed: How SAP is contributing to Ghana’s ambitious plan for minimizing plastic waste

“Ghana – with a 5 percent recycling rate – has emerged as a regional front runner committed to creating a domestic recycling industry that protects both the environment and impoverished, mostly-female, community of waste pickers.”

In the GPAP annual impact report released last month, we offered a sneak peek into the digital pilot solution that GPAP affiliate member SAP is developing with the help of the Ghana NPAP. This op-ed in Forbes takes a deep dive into how the pilot will work and why key NPAP platform members such as the environment ministry (MESTI), Dow, Coca-Cola and rePATRN are optimistic about its potential to support informal sector waste pickers.

Graphic: Forbes

New paper outlines opportunities for UK-Indonesia collaboration on financing plastic waste management

A new report commissioned by the City of London Corporation lays out key opportunities for financing waste infrastructure in Indonesia, with a particular focus on plastic waste.

The report outlines 19 key actions that the UK and Indonesia can take together to drive investment into Indonesia’s sustainable waste management sector and eradicate plastic pollution by 2040. It was presented by delegates from the UK government at the latest meeting of the Indonesia NPAP Financing Task Force and is expected to feed into the development of the Indonesia Financing Roadmap.

Indonesia NPAP readies Financing Roadmap for November launch

At the third meeting of the Indonesia NPAP Financing Task Force on 22 October, members agreed to finalize the Financing Roadmap for mobilizing investment for Indonesia’s plastic action agenda, with a target launch date of late November.

The roadmap – intended to be a living document – will describe how plastic pollution can be reduced by building the enabling conditions for financing and strengthening the pipeline of bankable projects, as well as outline some cross-cutting efforts that can help speed up and scale up innovative projects.

To further strengthen collaboration across Task Forces, we also hosted a pitching session for members of the Innovation and Metrics Task Forces to share investable opportunities and projects with the community. We were delighted to hear pitches from Amartha Fintech, Enviu’s Zero Waste Living Lab, CSIRO, SAP, SYSTEMIQ, and For more info on this pitching session, take a look at this LinkedIn post from Zero Waste Living Lab.

An overview of the latest developments from the Indonesia NPAP and Task Forces

The Indonesia NPAP Steering Board recently met for a high-level briefing on the progress of the NPAP and key updates from Task Force activities. They include:

Innovation: The Task Force kickoff meeting in early October attracted 70+ attendees from 26 institutions – signalling strong interest from the community.

Metrics: The Task Force also kicked off with 15 partner organizations onboard. It aims to mainstream a common understanding of the Indonesia baseline analysis and work across sectors to integrate metrics, monitoring and evaluation across projects.

Policy: This Task Force is expected to host its kickoff meeting in November.

The meeting was headlined by remarks from Deputy Minister Nani Hendiarti (Indonesia), Ambassador Owen Jenkins (UK) and Ambassador Cameron MacKay (Canada). We were also pleased to welcome new Steering Board members Riswan Sipayung (Dow Indonesia), Tanah Sullivan (Go-jek), and Asako Kobayashi (METI, Embassy of Japan).

Asian Development Bank announces Healthy Oceans Technology Innovation Challenge

The Asian Development Bank has issued a call for technology providers to submit an expression of interest to propose and conduct a pilot on high-tech solutions addressing either the issue of plastic waste or the restoration and protection of coral reefs. The two final selected proposals will receive grants of up to $500,000.

The deadline to apply is 12pm UTC+8 on Friday 27 November. Get the full details on the challenge and call for proposals here.

Graphic: Asian Development Bank

Register now: World Bank Group webcasts on marine plastics in East Asia and the Pacific on 2 and 3 November

The World Bank Group, a founding member of GPAP, is convening two virtual discussions on crises and opportunities related to marine plastics in the East Asia and Pacific region. Featured speakers include Minister Luhut Pandjaitan of Indonesia, Minister Tran Hong Ha of Viet Nam, Yashovardhan Lohia, Executive Director of GPAP affiliate member Indorama Ventures, and Tiza Mafira, Executive Director of Indonesia Diet Kantong Plastik and NPAP Indonesia expert advisor. Register now to receive a calendar invitation for the webcasts.

Events on the Horizon

18 November  | Virtual Conference Side Event

Global Plastic Action Partnership: Lessons learned

Hosted by the Government of the United Kingdom as part of ‘Environment Week’ at the World Trade Organisation. The event will take place from 14:45 to 16:15 CET. A Zoom link is forthcoming.


24 November | Virtual Conference Side Event

Promoting Ghana’s circular plastics economy

Hosted by the Ghana NPAP at the World Circular Economy Forum. The side event will take place on Tuesday 24 November at 14:00 CET. To register, please contact


27-29 November  |  Hybrid Conference

Business Innovation on Plastic Reduction

Co-hosted by the Viet Nam NPAP at TECHFEST VIET NAM 2020, a hybrid event organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology that aims to showcase the dynamic Vietnamese startup ecosystem. The session is tentatively scheduled for 28 November; more to come.


TBC November  | Virtual Meeting

Kickoff of the Indonesia NPAP Policy Task Force

Hosted by the Indonesia NPAP and the Policy Task Force


TBC  | Virtual Meeting

Launch of the Indonesia Financing Roadmap

Hosted by the Indonesia NPAP and the Financing Task Force


TBC  |  Virtual/Hybrid Conference

Viet Nam National Plastic Action Partnership (NPAP) launch
Co-hosted by GPAP and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

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