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MAY 2021
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  • GPAP publishes global gender guidance and Ghana gender baseline: At last week’s Virtual Ocean Dialogues, we were proud to release a pair of flagship gender knowledge products – a global mainstreaming guide for all actors across the plastics value chain, and a baseline study focusing on gender and plastics in Ghana.
  • NPAP Indonesia releases metrics roadmap: In a follow-up to the Indonesia Multistakeholder Action Plan released last year, the NPAP Indonesia Metrics Task Force has released a companion roadmap outlining five key ways in which it will track and aid the progress of the Action Plan’s implementation.
  • Welcome to Poonam Watine! We are pleased to welcome Poonam Watine to the GPAP Secretariat as Knowledge Curation Specialist. Poonam holds diverse experience in topics related to trade and development, and has managed topics in the area of Aid for Trade. With a strong interest in ensuring inclusivity and equity, she has also authored publications on promoting the competitiveness of women-led enterprises in Sri Lanka and Nigeria. In this role, Poonam will work closely with the GPAP and NPAP teams to curate knowledge and to advance the impact on the harmonizing metrics and transforming behaviour areas.
  • Welcome to Kwame Mensa-Yawson and Jonathan Kwesi Ntsiful: NPAP Ghana is delighted to welcome Kwame Mensa-Yawson and Jonathan Kwesi Ntsiful, who are joining the NPAP Secretariat as Engagement Lead and Communications Specialist respectively.
  • Kwame is a sustainability professional with experience working in the plastic management ecosystem in Ghana and focused on enabling a circular economy for plastics. He comes to us from GRIPE, where he has been managing an industry-led commitment to enhance the plastics recycling industry in Ghana.
  • Jonathan is a communication and digital marketing specialist who is driven by a desire to improve people and communities around him. An enthusiastic champion for the environment, he is a strong believer in developing and executing communication and marketing campaign strategies based on actionable data insight.
  • Welcome to Katherine Gilchrist! We are happy to welcome back Katherine Gilchrist, who joins us again as GPAP Global Gender Advisor. In this role, she will work closely with our National Gender Advisors to support the development of national gender mainstreaming strategies. Our sincere thanks also go to Maureen Kwilasa, outgoing Global Gender Advisor, who played an instrumental role in shaping the Ghana gender baseline study.

Latest Insights

Why gender is at the heart of transforming the plastics value chain: a global and Ghanaian perspective

The plastics value chain is a near-perfect example of how gender norms and roles lead to inequalities that are left unaddressed. Writes Katherine Gilchrist, GPAP Global Gender Advisor, “Women’s and men’s different gender roles at home and work lead to them being exposed to different degrees of hazardous plastic waste or chemical components. That’s just one example of how gender issues manifest in the plastics value chain.”

In Ghana, National Gender Advisor Elsie Odonkor interviewed over 150 stakeholders across the plastics community. The invaluable findings from her work are captured in our newly released Ghana gender baseline study, accompanied by our global gender mainstreaming guide for all actors.

NPAP Indonesia Metrics Task Force releases roadmap with five opportunity areas

After months of discussion and close collaboration, the NPAP Indonesia Metrics Task Force has released a roadmap laying out five key ways in which its work to aggregate and monitor data can contribute to meeting Indonesia’s national plastic pollution reduction targets.

They include consolidating existing data into a shared baseline; unearthing new data; expanding data collection; and restarting the tracking of stranded waste.

Download the full metrics roadmap here. If you’d like to contribute ideas, input and new initiatives to the Metrics Task Force, please contact

GPAP is recruiting for a Communications Lead

The GPAP Secretariat is hiring a Communications Lead to oversee its communications and content strategy from the World Economic Forum headquarters in Geneva. The ideal candidate will bring a proven track record in communications, community and stakeholder engagement, as well as excellent writing skills, creativity, innovation, and experience in liaising with partners from the public, private and civil society spaces.

View the job description here. Please help us share the vacancy with your networks!

Here’s how private investors can turn plastic into gold

One of the greatest impediments to our ability to transition to a circular economy for plastics in emerging markets is a dearth of private investment capital. “Negative perceptions of recycling and the circular economy in emerging markets persist,” writes Rob Kaplan, CEO of Circulate Capital and member of the GPAP Advisory Committee, “particularly when it comes to the lack of a track record for investment and a landscape dominated by small deals.”

Read more about Rob’s thoughts on how financial institutions can help shape a more ‘investible’ circular economy.

At Virtual Oceans Dialogues, global leaders sign Ocean Super Year Declaration

At the close of the Virtual Ocean Dialogues, hosted for the second year in a row by the World Economic Forum, global leaders called for ocean health to be fast-tracked at all environmental summits and action taken to protect the health of the ocean in a crucial year. Together, they signed the Ocean Super Year Declaration – an urgent call to action for making the bold changes necessary for lasting ocean health.

Highlights and session recordings from the 2021 Dialogues can be found here.

Updates on Viet Nam and Ghana progress in May

NPAP Viet Nam kicked off its first monthly happy hour in May, bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders from the business, NGO and international communities to showcase their work to address plastic pollution in Viet Nam. The NPAP met with government partners at MONRE to discuss how the NPAP’s national action roadmap can contribute to Viet Nam’s circular economy roadmap, and also supported MONRE in collecting feedback for an EPR draft decree.

Throughout May, the NPAP Ghana Secretariat worked closely with the Ghana Technical Committee and the Steering Board to present and finetune draft recommendations from the scenario modelling analysis work conducted over the past few months. The resulting national action roadmap is expected to be released in the next few months.

Association of Southeast Asian Nations adopts regional action plan on plastic pollution

Released in the leadup to World Environment Day, the ASEAN Regional Action Plan for Combatting Marine Debris in the ASEAN Member States (2021-2025) “provides a scalable, solution-focused joint strategy to address marine plastic debris across the region.”

Supported by the World Bank, this action plan represents a major alignment of national agendas across the ASEAN region to collectively address single-use plastics and marine debris. It proposes 14 Regional Actions and four pillars of work, including “Policy Support and Planning; Research, Innovation and Capacity Building; Public Awareness, Education and Outreach; and Private Sector Engagement.”

Graphic: ASEAN

Minderoo Foundation: 20 companies are responsible for more than half of single-use plastic waste

The newly released Plastic Waste-Makers Index – a collaboration by Minderoo Foundation, the London School of Economics, the Stockholm Environment Institute and others – identifies the companies responsible for generating the largest amounts of single-use plastic waste globally, as well as the financial institutions contributing to this crisis.

“Solving the single-use plastic problem will take more than the actions of progressive polymer producers or the influence of capital markets. It will also require policymakers to display great political will and practical action.” Read the executive summary.

Closed Loop Partners launches circular plastics fund with Dow, LyondellBasell, NOVA Chemicals

Investment firm Closed Loop Partners has announced the creation of the Closed Loop Circular Plastics Fund, which aims to invest an initial $25 million in “scalable recycling technologies, equipment upgrades and infrastructure solutions” that can advance “the recovery and recycling of plastics in the U.S. and Canada”. Ultimately, the Fund hopes to recycle over 500 million pounds of plastics.

The Fund will be managed by Closed Loop Partners and is supported by Dow (a GPAP Founding Member), LyondellBasell, and NOVA Chemicals.

Graphic: Closed Loop Partners

Exciting news and initiatives from the plastic action community

Watch this video from the Forum’s UpLink platform on how a zero waste innovator, Algramo, is bringing the ‘refill revolution’ to countries like Chile.

President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana and the leadership of the European Investment Bank have officially signed an agreement for EUR 170 million to build the National Development Bank of Ghana – the largest EIB engagement to date in Ghana as well as on the African continent.

Sustainable packaging startup Loop has officially launched its presence in Japan, partnering with major consumer goods companies like Lotte and Procter & Gamble to introduce reusable product containers.

Ahead of the G7 Summit, GPAP Founding Member Nestlé has joined the call for a global treaty on plastic pollution.

Events on the Horizon

4 June 2021  |  Virtual Meeting

NPAP Viet Nam Monthly Happy Hour

Hosted by NPAP Viet Nam


16 June 2021  |  Virtual Meeting

Plastic Action Champions meeting

Hosted by GPAP


24 June 2021  |  Virtual Meeting

Joint meeting of the GPAP Global Steering Board and Advisory Committee

Hosted by GPAP


Q2/Q3 2021  |  Hybrid Launch

Launch of the Ghana national action roadmap

Hosted by NPAP Ghana. Date and details to be announced.


Q2/Q3 2021  |  Hybrid Launch

Launch of the Nigeria National Plastic Action Partnership

Co-hosted by the Government of Nigeria and NPAP Nigeria. Date and details to be announced.

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