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June 2021
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  • Welcoming Mari Elka Pangestu to GPAP’s Governing Council! We are pleased to announce that Mari Elka Pangestu, World Bank Managing Director of Development Policy and Partenerships, has joined GPAP’s Governing Council. Ms. Pangestu holds exceptional policy and management expertise and has also served as Indonesia’s Minister of Trade and Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy. As the first female to join GPAP’s Governing Council, we are excited for her wealth of expertise to help amplify the eradication of plastic pollution.
  • NPAP Viet Nam updates: The NPAP currently supports the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in the development of sub-law regulations and national roadmaps for circular economy with the key focus on the plastic and packaging industry. During NPAP Viet Nam’s monthly Happy Hour meetup, a diverse group of stakeholders convened around the theme building a national circular economy roadmap for plastics and packaging. Upon request from MONRE, the NPAP will also explore its support towards Viet Nam’s participation in the negotiation of the global agreement to tackle marine plastic pollution.
  • NPAP Indonesia updates: Throughout June, the NPAP Indonesia Secretariat has consolidated meetings with the Behaviour Change co-chairs to advance the Roadmap. The NPAP will also be holding an event on Thursday, 22 July, alongside CMMAI, the Indonesia Packaging Recovery Organization, titled “Rethinking Plastics: Circular Economy Solution to Marine Litter”.
  • NPAP Ghana updates: The Financing Roadmap has officially started and is scheduled to be launched in October this year! The NPAP also held a feedback session on the draft Action Roadmap together with the GPAP and NPAP Steering Boards.
  • New NPAP Alert! Next month we will be welcoming Nigeria as a new national partner! Stay tuned for the launch!

Latest Insights

Share your innovation solution to plastic pollution via the Global Plastic Innovation Network

GPAP has partnered with UpLink to create a Global Plastic Innovation Network, which provides an opportunity to share ideas, solutions and needs for advancing plastic action.

Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Selected participants will receive key support to advance their solutions, including increased visibility and connections.

Learn more about how you can submit your solutions here.

Twelve ground-breaking innovators tackling informal plastic collection in Indonesia

To help boost the waste collection capacity of the informal sector in Indonesia, the Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator, alongside GPAP, launched an Informal Plastic Collection Innovation Challenge on UpLink.

Twelve impressive innovators from around the world will receive support to improve the quality of their solution, as well as connections with potential partners to help tap into the Indonesian market and the opportunity to win a $5,000 grant.

Tackling climate change and the loss of biodiversity through the Blue Planet Fund

At the G7 Leader’s Summit, the UK Prime Minister, announced the launch of a £500 million Blue Planet Fund, which focuses on four interlinked areas: biodiversity, climate change, marine pollution and sustainable seafood.

The Fund is an important part of the UK’s global leadership on marine issues and includes a call to protect at least 30% of the global ocean by 2030.

The Fund is managed by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office, and will run for at least five years.

Breaking the Plastic Wave

GPAP joined fifteen leading organizations to make a Joint Statement on preventing ocean plastic pollution with a focus on six areas: (i) reducing plastic production and consumption, (ii) designing all products and packaging to be reused, recycled or composted, (iii) improving and creating new waste management services, (iv) restricting and regulating transboundary movements of plastic waste, (v) tackling microplastic pollution, and (vi) eliminating maritime sources and other sector-specific sources of plastic pollution.

The statement is based on findings from the 2020 Breaking the Plastic Wave Report,  as well as a peer-reviewed study on 20 Years of Government Responses to the Global Plastic Pollution Problem.

Submit your solution to thin-film plastic through the Tom Ford Innovation Prize

Tom Ford and 52HZ, the creative consultancy of Lonely Whale have partnered  to create the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize. The challenge calls upon innovators who can create the best replacement for thin-film plastic.

The prize calls upon innovators, entrepreneurs and industry leaders to catalyse the use of scalable and biologically degradable thin-film plastic alternatives.

More information on the prize and how to become an applicant can be found here.

GPAP is recruiting for an Operations Lead!

The GPAP Secretariat is hiring an Operations Lead to oversee its grant management, budget and fundraising activities from the World Economic Forum headquarters in Geneva. The ideal candidate will bring a proven track record in donor grants, project management and process creation, as well as strong problem solving, analytical and synthesizing skills.

View the job description here. Please help us share the vacancy with your networks.

Over 100 businesses call for EPR for packaging

Leading businesses signed a statement engaged in the packaging value chain and publicly recognized that without EPR, packaging collection and recycling is unlikely to be meaningfully scaled and tens of millions of tonnes of packaging will continue to end up in the environment each year.

The statement is based on a position paper by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which calls on how EPR is a necessary part of the solution to packaging waste and pollution.

Achieving Circularity: A Zero-Waste Circular Plastic Economy in Norway

The newly released report on achieving circularity – a collaboration between Handelens Miljøfond and SYSTEMIQ – aims to accelerate the transition to a zero-waste circular plastic economy in Norway.

Complementing the report is an open-access, online tool: Plastsimulator, which allows stakeholders to create and test their own change scenarios and understand the economic, environmental and social impacts of different interventions across the plastic value chain.

Plastic Action Champions take a stand on World Oceans Day

GPAP’s Plastic Action Champions, a group of eight young people who have demonstrated impressive leadership in tackling plastic pollution, took a stand on World Ocean Day to stop plastic waste from entering our oceans. In early June, the Champions undertook a variety of activities from leading plastic pollution clean-ups in Cameroon (Forbi Perise) and Peru (Ines Yabar), to launching an infographic competition on the ocean and plastic pollution in Ghana (Joshua Amponsem), to hosting an in-person pop-up event with community-led booths and exhibitions on ocean solutions in Indonesia (Melati Wijsen), to additional webinars and awareness raising activities. GPAP is proud of our Plastic Action Champions!

Youthtopia Masterclass on Ocean Plastic Pollution

As part of GPAP's approach to promoting greater inclusivity, GPAP has recently collaborated with YOUTHTOPIA to create a Masterclass on ocean plastic pollution. To take part in the self-paced Masterclass, create your own account on the YOUTHTOPIA website and select the Basic Package. This will give you access to all the free content on YOUTHTOPIA’s learning platform, including this Masterclass on Ocean Plastic Pollution. This course material was designed for young people aged 12-18 years - but is great for anyone curious about how to take action on ocean plastic pollution! Check out the teaser here

Presenting the Reuse Awards: The ReusiesTM

Upstream and Closed Loop Partners have joined forces to launch The Reusies, an award for entrepreneurs, businesses, or activists interested in paving the way for reuse solutions.

Interested in submitting your solution? Apply here before Sunday, 11 July!

Learn more about how GPAP is creating impact!

After three years of operation, over 270 global and national organization have committed to forge a future free of plastic pollution. Despite the global pandemic, we are working hard to help countries turn ambitious plastic pollution commitments into action.

Find out more here about how GPAP is creating impact!

Events on the Horizon

July (TBD)  |  Virtual Launch

Launch of the Nigeria National Plastic Action Partnership

Co-hosted by the Government of Nigeria and NPAP Nigeria.

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