A world without plastic waste and pollution is possible

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Tune in to this virtual open house to learn how the World Economic Forum and its partners are tackling plastic pollution and waste at both the global and national levels.

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Podcast: Indonesia's Ocean Plastic Cleanup Plan

Indonesia's government has announced a plan to cut marine plastic waste by 70% by 2025. Who are the women driving this process and how are they going to put Indonesia on a roadmap to solve their plastic waste dilemma? Listen to this episode of the Sustainable Asia podcast to learn more about the Indonesia National Plastic Action Partnership.

WEF: 'Green recovery' needed in the 'great reset' of COVID-19

GPAP Director Kristin Hughes speaks with CGTN's Global Business desk about the impact of COVID-19 on plastic pollution.

Opinion: Addressing plastic pollution must be a part of the ‘green recovery’

In an op-ed for Devex, GPAP Director Kristin Hughes explains why plastic pollution action must be a priority for the green recovery agenda.


Podcast: Indonesia's Ocean Plastic Cleanup Plan


WEF: 'Green recovery' needed in the 'great reset' of COVID-19


Opinion: Addressing plastic pollution must be a part of the ‘green recovery’

What is GPAP?

Together, we believe it is possible to stop plastic pollution from source to sea and achieve the transition to a global circular economy.

The Global Plastic Action Partnership (GPAP) is a multistakeholder platform dedicated to translating commitments to reduce plastic pollution and waste into concrete action.

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Member organizations collaborating through our platform worldwide

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Countries currently piloting our unique national model for accelerating plastic action

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Countries targeted in the next stage of our expansion between now and 2025

Country Partnerships


The archipelagic nation of 265 million people aims to reduce ocean plastic leakage by 70% by 2025

Viet Nam

The incoming ASEAN chair has committed to reducing marine plastic waste by 75% by 2030


Ghana is working to achieve zero plastic leakage into its oceans and waterways


25 Nations By 2025

Join forces with GPAP to fast-track progress toward a world free of plastic waste and pollution.

Connect with Plastic Action Changemakers

Find local expertise, new ideas or fresh thinking to address plastic pollution. Browse our global community hub to explore opportunities for collaboration.